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Benefits of our Solution

Hire a web designer to create your website from scratch and you would spend $1000's, not to mention annual registration, monthly hosting and maintenance charges.
Web site development
Web developer's charges can average $1,500-$5,000 for designing a small business website and initial setup.
Our low monthly subscription covers development and initial setup.
Web site hosting
Web site Hosting on a reliable, robust server can average $250-$600 per year, based on bandwidth.
Our low monthly subscription covers hosting, with unlimited bandwidth.
Web site registration
Registering your website with any Internet Registrar and renewing it annually could cost $20-$35 per year. Also, if you forget to renew on-time, you could lose your domain name to someone else.
Our low monthly subscription covers annual registration and renewal.
Site maintenance
Paying a webmaster to keep your website up-to-date could cost $100's per month.
Our low monthly subscription covers maintenance.
Technical support
Technical Support can cost $35-$75 per hour.
Our low monthly subscription covers technical support.
Enjoy these outstanding benefits for
an affordable $15 to $35 per month.


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